Material quality: new environmentally friendly PP material
The product is safe and non-toxic. Exquisite workmanship, beautiful colors, economical and practical

The house-style cat litter tray is a house-style cat litter tray with a lid. It has only one outlet. This kind of cat litter tray can prevent the odor from spreading everywhere and the cat from getting the cat litter out when burying the poop




The open cat litter tray can enter and exit from any direction, so the cat’s movement in the cat litter tray will not be restricted.



How to place the litter box?
1. Don’t put it next to the passage area where people/cats go back and forth or objects that make sudden noises and noises
Place the litter box in a relatively quiet place with few people walking, away from washing machines, dryers and other machines that are prone to a lot of noise. Keep the litter box away from food and water as far as possible.
If the litter box is placed next to a machine that will suddenly make noises or even cause ground vibration, it will make the cat nervous and disturbed, and then look for other places to excrete. A litter box that is too close to food and water can also make cats disgusted.

2. Observe the places where cats often stay, and put the litter box near the wall
If the cat likes to excrete in a specific place, then a litter box can be placed in this position to help guide the cat to use the litter box to excrete. After the cat is used to excretion in the litter box, you can slowly move the position of the litter box, for example, move 10 cm every day, until it moves to the position you want to place.

3. The litter box should have a safe escape route
Cats like to excrete in a private and safe environment, which does not mean that they like the kind of fully enclosed toilets. “Private and safe” means that the cat wants to be able to see the surrounding environment when it is excreted, so that it can be evacuated at any time. Therefore, it is best to remove the surrounding obstacles when placing the litter box. This will also avoid social behaviors that cats do not like.