Sticky brush is electrostatic adsorption, easy to stick to hair and dust. Easy to shed hair, suitable for all kinds of viscous wool fabrics without damaging clothes design

[Multifunctional] One side of the lint brush can effectively comb the dust, cat hair, dog hair on the clothes, and the other side of the sticky paper rolls and brushes the surface, so as to save the sticky paper as much as possible. Finally, you can clean all the dust by pushing the protective cover back and forth. It will be the perfect assistant in your home.

[Reusable pet epilator] The fluff brush can be reused without replacement. The lint roller refill on the other side can be replaced. The particularity of this product can minimize the use of lint roller refills. The lint roller refills provided in our packaging can be used for a long time.

[Protective sleeve] You will like this very creative protective sleeve. If you don’t use it, the depilatory will not stick to anything around it, and it will be easier to store. Just move the lint brush back and forth, and the dust can be collected in the lid.


[Portable Travel] Our pet epilator is medium in size, non-charged, non-magnetic, fully functional and easy to carry.



Friends who like pets are worried about the hair sticking to the sofa and clothes. With this artifact, you don’t have to worry about everything, it’s easy to use and affordable, and it’s not expensive. It’s your must-have artifact.